Stuart Ceramics has been in its location since 2004. Stuart Ceramics was originally set up as a factory to make and sell bisque products to other studios and cruise ships at wholesale prices. The factory was a huge garage bay in an industrial park. The factory had 8500 cataloged molds, 3 large kilns, and all the professional pouring equipment and tools to make the pieces. The factory was successfully run for about 20 years and was passed down until it fell into the current owners hands. After learning the process of making the ceramic pieces called bisque, the factory was slimmed down to 1200 molds, one kiln and moved to downtown Stuart in 2004. The owner wanted to make the factory into a studio setting that worked with the general public so it moved into a Florida style building that was perfect for a cute little studio! Just a week or so after the move, three hurricanes swept through our area and the previous location lost its roof! That little ceramic shop always seems to get lucky! Years later, to make room for more painters, the molds were thinned down again and a cute room for parties was unveiled. A few years later, Tera Fermata moved in behind Stuart Ceramics and our outdoor factory transformed into a fun and welcoming tiki table patio! Thank you for your time and attention to our history. We Welcome you to come check us out!